Hon Timothy Harris shares Team Unity vision during House Assembly.

Hon Timothy Harris shares Team Unity vision during House Assembly.


December 10th, 2014


Mr. Speaker, I rise with your leave and with the support of the Elected Majority in this Parliament to offer hope to our people who have been languishing over time. I rise to say that Team Unity represents the best hope and I dare say the only hope for the future of our people and country.

I am of the view that a government that is afraid to table a Motion of No Confidence (MONC) and afraid to go back to the people cannot be trusted to act on behalf of the people. This imitation budget that has been put forth today by the Douglas Administration is filled with words and numbers. It is a document that represents a government that is out of gas and out of ideas. So out of ideas they are that after 19 years in government, their special talent is to plagiarize from Team Unity’s agenda. Shamelessly and hopelessly they have been stealing our ideas and adopting them badly.

Just before an election the copy cats on the other side have stolen team Unity’s idea of VAT reduction. Team UnityVAT policy will result in zero rated VAT on all not some, all food items. It will extend to medication, educational supplies; the necessaries for the disabled and we shall remove it from funeral expenses. So too they, steal our idea of reduction of student loans, free access to pre-school education This is a document that attempts to pacify a people instead of building prosperity for a people. 

So today I come to speak truth to and from and on behalf of the people. I come to speak for the poor unable to pay his/her mortgage, unable to find a job, unable to repay student loans, the high electricity bills. I come to speak on behalf of the aged eking out an existence on an inadequate pension. To all of them I say that which went on yesterday in this house represents a sham, an illegitimate Imitation Budget presentation by a government that has no legitimacy and bereft of constitutionality.

Come next year we the elected majority will present the real Budget for 2015, sealed with the imprimatur of the elected majority of representatives. We in Team UNITY offer a new way/a new approach and that is putting the people of St. Kitts and Nevis first. The Douglas administration has for far too long put the people last. They have made the people pay for economic policies that benefit very few while the majority suffers in poverty. 

Team Unity is concerned that too many of our mothers and daughters, fathers and sons end up in debtors’ jail because they are unable to pay their obligations to Courts, TDC, S.L Horsford, and Fast Cash. These persons are bankrupt. They are not paying because they are bad, or negligent, they are not paying because they cannot. The economy has failed them and their government has lost its way.

We will work cooperatively with Nevis Island Administration to bring a better life to all the people of Nevis because it’s time.

Specifically we will:
1. Financially support the commercialization of the geothermal project in Nevis, clearing the way for jobs for Nevisians and Kittitians, the development of a wide range of specialized skill sets and a tradable product bringing millions in foreign exchange as our pipelines go yonder to Puerto Rico and elsewhere distributing geothermal. We will see significant cost savings in energy.

2. We will share the SIDF resources equitably. To address the unfairness, the bias of the Federal government in distributing the resources of the SIDF, we will provide a lump sum payment to Nevis a goodwill measure and acknowledgement that an injustice was done to NIA, and represents an injustice to all Nevisians. We will of course do a forensic audit of the SIDF Slush Fund and we will hold them accountable for breach of trust and misfeasance if applicable.

3. European Union Funds will be shared equitable.

4. Equitable participation in our Embassies and Missions.

We pledge never again 
– will Nevis be treated as an afterthought.
– will political activists on National Bank Board attempt to bully NIA.
– will the cheques of NIA be dishonored on the altar of political expediency
– will the nurses in Nevis be called upon to defy the instructions of their Minister of Health, be he be Mark Brantley or Hensley Daniel.
– will a federal government renege on its responsibilities to the people of Nevis in the case of fire or threat to their safety and security.

We recognize that when Nevis succeeds St. Kitts and Nevis succeeds. Four Seasons in Nevis is the biggest draw of high spending tourists to our federation. Nevis provides examples of successful managed small island. We can learn from Nevis.

Conclusion for TEAM UNITY Budget Address

Mr. Speaker I conclude that TEAM UNITY resolve is growing stronger and stronger because they race is not given to the swift but to those that endure to the end. 

TEAM UNITY understands that tomorrow actually begins today and we are faced with the urgency of now. We must get on a pathway to prosperity now. The People can no longer wait. After I listen to the emptiness and the void of vision presented to us through a so called imitation budget, I realize that Team UNITY is needed more than ever. 

The old ways are no longer good enough. The cronyism is not good enough. The corruption is not good enough. The trust of this government has been lost. The U.S. government does not trust it to be honest and publicly they told the world so. The government of Canada does not trust it and publicly told it so. The party bickering is no longer good enough. We need an effort that builds upon our strengths and mitigates are weaknesses.

Imagine with me Mr. Speaker a TEAM UNITY government, the people will be on a pathway to prosperity; Every family will have an opportunity to prosper; The people of SKN will be put first – first land, jobs, investment,incentives;  Our brothers and sisters of CARICOM will get fair treatment and an end to harassment and discrimination; A jobs and economy turnaround plan will be put in place; Safe neighborhoods will be a reality; Renewable energy resources to help our families save money over the long run;  Small businesses will be empowered.

Lincoln hazel I will help you. Sylvester Whyte I will help you. Williams Auto I will help you. Hally Isles I will help you. Hairdressers Team Unity will help you. Barbers, contractors, mechanics Team Unity will help you.

SKN is respected not feared around the world. 

New technology right here in SKN, research haven where we are known around the world for our creative genius. Entrepreneurship will be encouraged. New tourism products will be created. The soul of our nation will be restored. The elders will teach the youth about restoration and preservation. People will have jobs. Families will not just be able to make ends meet but they will be able to prosper. More money in their pockets than and less of your money sent on VAT and and most importantly our youth will carry the torch to the next generation of prosperous Nevisians and Kittitians

 This is my vision; this is what I wake up seeing every day. If we can see it then we will achieve it. A prosperous country in which each is endeavoring and each achieving. To God be the Glory. Blessings and Love to all. Finally, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our citizens and residents.


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