Science has spoken: Women smell better than Men

Science has spoken: Women smell better than Men


December 13th, 2014


Body odor says a lot about you. It packs a number of viral biological and health information that can suggest your state of being.

But there are differences in how men and women perceive body odor. Charles Wysocki, a behavioral neuroscientist at the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia said that “it is quite difficult to block a woman’s awareness of body odor. In contrast, it seems rather easy to do so in men.”

Wysocki worked with a group of researchers to find out more about human body odor. According to them women are more adjusted to their body odor because their very odor helps them choose mates. The researchers think this idea supports the fact that most women are even better at smelling male body odor than female body odor.

The team gathered both and women to rate the strength of underarm sweat samples collected from different people. The sweat samples presented smelled equally strong to all the respondents but when the samples were mixed other fragrances, things changed. Men failed to identify the smell while women easily detected it.

“Our studies indicate that human sweat conveys information that is of particular importance to females. This may explain why it is so difficult to block women’s perception of sweat odors,” Wysocki claimed.

The study also revealed that female sweat is a lot easier to mask with perfume compared with male sweat. This was learned after they tested female volunteers’ reactions to odors from men versus odors from women. Male sweat was successful masked by 19% of the tested perfumes while female sweat was successful masked 50% of the tested perfumes.

Flavour and Fragrance Journal related the study with previous researches. As it turns out there’s just really a lot going on with men’s sweat. Women for example “can tell when a man is interested from the scent of his sweat.” Scientists learned that women’s brains responded differently when smelling sweat samples from men who were sexually aroused and men who weren’t, regardless if the men were attracted to them particularly or not.

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