Nevis agenda prominent in Team Unity’s governance plan

Nevis agenda prominent in Team Unity’s governance plan


December 14th, 2014


In an article by Public Relations Office of the People’s Action Movement

Team Unity’s Leader Dr. the Hon. Timothy Harris has voiced commitments negotiated by the CCM-led NIA that will see Nevis’ agenda prominently featured in Team Unity’s governance strategy after the next Federal election.

 Speaking to the public via the halls of the National Assembly on Wednesday, Dr. Harris vowed to put an end to the victimization and disrespect meted out to the people of Nevis by the present Denzil Douglas-led Labour/NRP regime.

 “We deserve a government of national unity to end victimization against the people. We deserve a federal government that will fight for Nevis and respect the Nevis Island Administration. We deserve a government that understands the history of St. Kitts and Nevis, and is committed to change the situation of acrimony and strife and genuinely represent all of the people,” he said.

 Under a Team Unity government Nevis would get its fair share of national resources, Dr. Harris pledged, to ensure that Nevisians too will benefit fairly from the returns on national investments. Revenue from the SIDF and grants from the European Union Funds will be shared equitably but Nevisians can also expect a lump sum payment immediately.

 “To address the unfairness, the bias of the Federal government in distributing the resources of the SIDF, we will provide a lump sum payment to Nevis as a goodwill measure and acknowledgement that an injustice was done to the NIA, which represents an injustice to all Nevisians,” he said.

 Dr. Harris, who noted his paternal Nevisian parentage, outlined a number of ways that a government of national unity will work cooperatively with the Nevis Island Administration to bring a better life to all the people of Nevis. He said while Nevis was barely mentioned in the Prime Minister’s 2015 Budget Address, it was time for Nevis to be elevated to an equal partner in the country.

 “My love for Nevis enjoins me to work hard for Nevis and Nevisians. I pledge to give Nevis its best years in a federal arrangement because it’s time. The Nevisians who listened to yesterday’s Parliament may have every right to say Nevis did not feature much. Nevis is an afterthought, an arena for narrow political agenda of an outgoing regime. It’s time for Nevis not to be an afterthought.”

 Team Unity’s Nevis Agenda also includes financial support for the commercialization of the geothermal project in Nevis, clearing the way for jobs for Nevisians and Kittitians, the development of a wide range of specialized skill sets and a tradable product bringing millions in foreign exchange through the distribution of geothermal energy. Nevisians will also be assured equitable participation in the Federation’s overseas Embassies and Missions.

He said Team Unity recognizes that when Nevis succeeds, St. Kitts and Nevis succeeds.

 “Nevis provides examples of a successfully managed small island. We can learn from Nevis.”

 Dr. Harris pledged never again will political activists on the National Bank Board attempt to bully NIA; will the cheques of NIA be dishonored on the altar of political expediency; will the nurses in Nevis be called upon to defy the instructions of their Minister of Health, be he Mark Brantley or Hensley Daniel; will a federal government renege on its responsibilities to the people of Nevis in the case of fire or threat to their safety and security.

 “Nevis is a part of our federation. I love Nevis and I love St. Kitts. Those who love, build. Team Unity knows that Nevisians deserve better. It’s Time for NEVIS!!!!” Dr. Harris boldly declared.

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